Block Paving Cleaning and Sealing

A surface that is massively popular throughout the UK is block paving. It is relatively quick to install and has a transforming effect for any property that has it  installed. Whilst the majority of installations are for  new driveways in Surrey we have also cleaned many block paved patios and pathways that have fallen foul of weed, moss and algae growth.

The climatic conditions soon promote extensive green growth on the surface that can become slippery and of course unsightly. Combined with keeping weed growth under control many home owners do not have the time or desire to carry out what can be extremely time consuming and back breaking work.

We can in most cases take no more than a couple of days to totally transform your block paved surface carrying out a full clean and seal to offer long term protection against future weed growth and oil staining.

If the surface has significant weed growth or has oil staining then we will undertake a pre-treatment to kill of the weed growth and remove as much of the oil as is possible this would normally be done 7-10 days prior to pressure washing the block paving.

Once the green growth is killed off and the oil removal has reached a satisfactory level we will pressure clean the block pavers removing a significant amount of the kiln dried sand. This is messy work and all debris is bagged up and removed from the site. 

Repairs to the surface can also be undertaken as tree root growth often lifts and dislodges the blocks we can lift these areas and remove the offending root. 

For our customers having a weed removal, clean and re-sand we will give the surface a day to dry out before returning and brushing back in fresh kiln dried sand to secure the blocks and leave you with a superb finish. For the majority of our customers who elect to have the surface sealed we will leave 3-5 days to ensure the joints between the block pavers are given as much time as possible to dry out before re-applying the kiln dried sand then applying the first of two coats of a premium quality acrylic sealer to secure the joints. 

The sealer will protect against oil staining and leave you with a weed free surface for a good period of time.

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