Tarmac Restoration

Tarmac has been in use for over 100+ years and continues to be a popular alternative to block paving and pattern imprinted concrete surfaces for driveways and commercial parking areas.

It has an extremely long lived lifespan but will after varying time frames start to loose colour and start to fragment and break up. The UV rays and freeze thaw cycle will over time dry out the resin content within the tarmacadam and you will start to experience colour fade and chipping displacement.

We have been asked to remove or treat oil leaks and staining on many tarmac surfaces in particular commercial premises in Surrey that have high traffic and visitor use as business owners and home owners want to keep the area looking well kept and welcoming.

There are many types of tarmac installations and the surface, given the open porosity, of some installations can attract significant moss and algae growth that soon detracts from the surface.

We will pretreat these with an appropriate  propriatary moss and weed killer and equally use our experience to treat as best we can any oil leaks on the tarmac driveway.

Our investment in professional level pressure washing equipment really pays benefits when we are employed to clean tarmac and decked surfaces. We can vary the water flow and pressure ratings using our rotary headed cleaner as it is very easy indeed to accelerate the break up of the surface and cause more damge by careless use of a lance only clean at full pressure.

For surfaces that exhibhit colour fade we will recommend the application of a great product called Tarmaseal™ supplied by Smartseal UK Ltd. This is not a "paint" that sits on the surface but is absorbed by the tarmac to reintroduce not just a superb depth of colour but importantly reintroduces the lost resin content which is so important in restricting surface fragmentation. 

We can of course carry out more extensive repairs to tarmac surfaces repairing cracks and larger areas that require making good.

If  you have a tarmac surface that you thought was beyond help anywhere in Surrey give us a call on 08001697525 or 07759353448 if you prefer click HERE to conplete our on line enquiry form and we will provide a FREE no obligation quotation and a friendly chat on what can be achieved. 

We can also clean and restore sports surfaces, tennis courts for example, and apply a colour matched application  of Tarmaseal™ to fully restore the surface.

Our tarmac cleaning and restoration service covers the whole of Surrey including  Cobham, Chertsey, Caterham, Farnham, Frimley, Esher and Weybridge.